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Training at BABU Adventures International Paragliding School.

Monday 4 April

The school is located an hour and a half south of Pokhara at about 1000 metres above the surrounding lowlands on a very steep mountain. The nearest large village is called Sworek Maidan, about a half hour paragliding flight into the river valley. We have had a good day yesterday flying with Sanu Babu and being well cared for by his family. We have had many informal discussions on adventure flying, his experiences and what the challenges will be on flying from Everest. Believe me, a better coach for this flight may not exist. Our plan is for more flying here today before a 3000 metre altitude gain hike tomorrow, a camp out at an altitude of 3800m under the shadows of Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world. We will the do a high altitude paraglided launch. Launching at these heights is more challenging due to the glider being very much more active and requiring that extra bit of pilot control. I’m looking forward to the hike as much as the flying. Marcus will also be coming with us, which I very pleased as he is great company and this is an opportunity both of us would not have at home in Australia.

Then…. Back to Kathmandu, meet up with 3 more of our team from home, and on Sunday commence the Trek to Everest Base Camp.


Suna Babu testing the Rotary End Polio Now glider high above his Paragliding School

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