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It’s now our time

Summit push tonight

Since 2018 we have been planning this expedition to Everest with such a rocky and turbulent path creating so many highs and lows. It seemed like the lows were winning more than not, but we still held the course. No one had said no, you can’t do it, so we continued on despite the challenges. The support has been there but the way forward was always in question and was too hard for governments and authorities. Walls were placed in front of us that seemed pointless but in their defence, we were trying to do something that there was no precedent for. I think the main driving force for us to continue to build bridges over obstacles was that Polio was still there and we were ever closer to complete world eradication, it was not feasible to give up on our Fly From Everest project just because things were not going our way or seemingly unassailable obstacles were placed in front of us.

Can you imagine if we gave up on Polio eradication just because it got too hard!! Can you justify the loss of children’s lives, the permanent maiming and disfigurement of children resulting because we thought it was just too hard, too difficult? Polio workers have been brutally murdered because they shared the dream of a world without the disease, we really didn’t have an option to give up just because it got to hard. We had no right.

So, here we are. Today is the 11th May.

At 1am tonight, with 4 other climbers from Brazil, each with their own dream of reaching the roof of the world, the summit of Everest, we leave Everest Base Camp with our minds firmly affixed on the goal. We go directly to camp 2, rest up for a day, camp 3 followed by Camp 4 at the South Col, rest for a few hours before a 10 pm departure for the destination with the intent of reaching the summit of Everest at 8am on 16th May. The Summit Push is on.

For those that haven’t yet heard, our Brazilian friends, after hearing about the polio motivation, asked if they could also carry our END POLIO NOW banners to the summit.

Thank you to Joel, Ludmila, Gabriel, and Carlos - I know you all have a very special story to tell in your own right, and your own aspirations, but to join with us to share our dream is very special, you are all exceptional people. I pray we will all get to the summit together. If not, with your commitment, the End Polio banner will surely be witnessed at the top of the world by many people and furthermore will be a symbol of unity demonstrating a commitment of people everywhere that the fight against Polio is a fight to the end, a fight to give the greatest gift we can give to children everywhere.

From top left going clockwise- our chief Sherpa guide Lobsang, myself, Gabriel, Ludmila, neice Denali ( who has returned home), Marcus, Joel, and Carlos.


ON the 17th May our current mission should be completed after our return from the summit to Camp4. My son Matt, is on his way to Base Camp in full support and creating a very special bond that fathers can only hope for (also with his friend Jordan), Cath together with my long time supporter and advisor, Tony have also arrived. Marcus has been with me from day 1 of the expedition in constant advice and companionship as far as Camp 2. And there is Joe, filming and documenting the Fly From Everest project. A better team cannot be hoped for. We are in a great place .

So the scene is set, the gear is being checked, the supplies being rationed for the next 5 days, the camps are in place and the acclimatising has been done.

Thanks to all the well wishes from everywhere, for all the followers and for all the donations to Polio eradication. I pray that these donations continue, it’s the best cause you can get - it’s tripled by the Gates Foundation and it saves lives.

Our team has given so much of themselves. Please, I ask you to show them your support.

Next blog in 6 days time after we return from the roof of the world and complete our project



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