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The Journey continues

This morning we are heading to Pokhara mainly to again meet with Sano Babu Sunuwar at his Adventure School. We will be Paragliding with him so he can make recommendations to the Nepali Department of Tourism on the permit issue. Over the past few days we have been very privileged to meet some very special and inspirational people. After meeting with Mingma Gyabu Sherpa, a member of the Sherpa K2 winter ascent team and youngest person to summit all peaks above 8000 metres, we met with Justin Davis, former British Army and a double amputee. This guy is getting on with life to its fullest despite the significant daily challenges he faces. Please look him up and you will certainly be as moved with his story as I was. He had just returned after climbing on Mera Peak and has set himself to conquer the 7 highest summits on each continent.

Picture from left is Sumit our expedition leader - he lives in Canberra with his wife and two daughters, Krishna who is Justin’s climbing partner, Joe who is a member of our team and our documentary producer, of course myself, Justin to the right, Shanta Nepali - a film producer and adventurer who is documenting and filming on Everest this year with another expedition, and Marcus, my climbing support legend. Last evening we were lucky to meet with Claudio Mittner on his last night in Kathmandu. Claudio has been in the Himalayas as a rescue helicopter pilot with vast flying experience through the Khumbu and the potential landing areas for the flight from Everest. He also flys paragliders. His advice on winds and terrain was invaluable to our flight planning. Previous years have been difficult to get things happening on our Everest plans but somehow this year the ducks keep coming and falling into line, one by one. We seem to be rubbing shoulders with the local mountaineering elite, all wanting to help us achieve our mission- this support is humbling. The polio eradication initiative is alive and well here in Nepal. We are meeting with Ambassador Volk at the Australian Embassy next Thursdaywhich I am certainly looking forward to, so we can talk about our project and thank them for the assistance they are giving. Also I wish To give my heartfelt thanks to everyone that is following our expedition and spreading the word. The donations are coming in for which we are most grateful. If you haven’t yet donated and are considering it, the smallest of donations make a real difference. It’s less than one dollar to immunise a child against Polio. In time I will personally thank all individual donors as together we certainly are making a difference. Please remember that donations are being matched at 2:1 By the Gates Foundation A big shout out to all those rotarians from District 9780 in Victoria. Thank you for your valued support and kind donations to Polio Eradication. Ken

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