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Summit of Loboche Peak bagged

This is us on the summit of Loboche Peak 6050 metres, reached at 10.05am on 23rd April.

When attempting high altitude summits acclimatising to altitude is highly important to prevent Acute Mountain Sickness ( and more life threatening conditions) so climbing high to allow the body to adapt, slowly, is really the only way unless you have supplementary oxygen which can provide its own dilemmas.

Climbing Loboche Peak was one of the processes to acclimatise for the higher camps on Everest. We set in two camps on Loboche, the first at about 4000m for one night, this being much lower than our previous height at base camp so the thicker air was a welcome strategy for those still suffering the odd altitude headache, and the second high camp at 5620m, on the snow/ice line. Again, ideal for further acclimatisation. The camp was comfortable with our cooks preparing great meals considering the location and the weather. Our guides, Lopsang and Lama, excelled and we all got to the summit leaving camp at around 6am. , a bit tired bur proud to get the sensation views summits generally offer, and this was no exception. Absolutely brilliant views of many famous climbing peaks, Lhotse, Nuptse, Everest, Ama Dablam, Pumori, Island Peak - it just keeps going.

Unfortunately our internet is poor and we cannot upload photos, sorry

Summit view with Everest above the Khumbu Glacier and Base Camp next to it on the left

Had a great view of potential paragliding flight path from the summit of Everest- geez it’s high. Congratulations to Denali for a humongous effort on reaching her first summit and a high altitude one at that.

sorry internet is poor. Can’t upload at this time

Look at Denali’s smile- her first summit- dad wasn’t hear but I bet he’s proud.

Oops, shower time - I’ll be back.

Sorry, it was my turn in the shower, hot, first for 7 days. Geez that feels good. Even put on clean Sox.

We stayed at high camp on the 23rd after arriving back in the afternoon then the following morning, an early start put at Loboche village for morning tea. Unfortunately this is where we said our goodbyes to Denali and Isabella (one of our Brazilian team). They were headed down to meet brother Tony then spend the night at Pengboche, then start the journey home. An unfortunate trip for Tony being unwell for his entire stay in Nepal and needing to isolate from the climbing team so we all could remain in good health for our Everest climb.

We arrived back in base camp for a better than hearty lunch of hamburger and chips and settled in for a couple of days of R & R. Showers, recharge batteries, emails to push hard for the paragliding permit, ( ramping up the Department of Tourism for a decision) blogs, and coffee.

I made some calls home to Elle, Sarah(daughter)and Matt(son) and wished a happy 1st birthday to granddaughter Montana - will you get a load of cake eating Monty. Sorry to have missed her 1st birthday celebration. Certainly some catch-up birthdays when I get home. (Sorry SiSi, I missed yours too)

Bugger. This was a really good foto.

Why can’t I have more icing. It’s my cake”

Today is Anzac Day and a proud moment for me was to let our Brazilian members know of our ANZAC traditions. Another one of those home sick moments.

HAPPY ANZAC DAY TO EVERYONE. (Sorry Berry Rotary I wasn’t there to help with the ceremony setup).

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Anthony Sandeberg
Anthony Sandeberg
May 02, 2022

You write as it is Ken, great to read.

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