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Himalayan Ascents - our Carers under the radar

4th April

The logistics of our expedition could not be achieved without the care and support of our Himalayan Ascents guides, drivers, and staff. In particular, the company owner Sumit Joshi, has and is going out of his way to ensure we are not only looked after with everything to make our stay very comfortable and a great experience, he has been the driving force in assisting us to drive the paragliding component of this expedition.

Sumit has consistently been the driver for a Paragiding Permit from the government, something that has never been achieved before. He is liaising with other mountaineering companies and groups for us on this issue and making numerous phone call, attending many meetings, whilst still organising the whole expedition which includes other climbers that are not associated with flying, and many support staff.

When Sumit is not directing expeditions he lives and works in Canberra with Mont Adventure Equipment, with his wife and two beautiful daughters, he has Nepali origins and is both an Australian and Nepali citizen. He has been on Everest for at least the past 14 years and has excellent success rate on the mountain. His climbing experience alone, is of great value to us in our preparation for what we are endeavouring and his assistance in all the logistics cannot be over said.

I just felt we need to recognise the never ending contribution of Sumit and I am sure the time will come to thank him and his staff in a better way, in the near future.

Informal chat with Suna Babu, Marcus and our valued friend Sumit.

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