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18 April. Base camp here we are!

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Well, 3 and a half years and we have setup our opportunity to accomplish something pretty special.


I have been going over and over various scenarios about how this project is going to eventuate but there are way too many variables to really know. I suppose that is why they call this an adventure, and I can assure everyone that for me this is up there with one of life’s best.

Our team has had discussions about the relationship between our expedition and how we may best serve Polio eradication. We are constantly working on this but like all groundbreaking initiatives we really don’t know - the story is still being written.

We are now at Everest Base Camp and settled in to what would some consider a fairly luxurious camp situation, especially when compared to previous mountaineering trips. Rather than a laborious written description I have included some of our camp photos. The comfort provided by Himalayan Ascent is quite remarkable including private tents, a full commercial kitchen, heated meeting, reading and relaxing tent which is full carpeted.

The Brazilian trekkers have now left us to return to Kathmandu leaving only the climbing and Sherpa team at Base Camp, that is with the exception of Gazza who has decided he wants a helicopter flight back to Lukla, which he will share with members of another expedition to reduce the cost. He leaves tomorrow then eventually returning to Sydney which has ticked a box for him.

Niece Denali is still with us also, and in a few days we will meet brother Anthony back in Loboche. We will continue our acclimatising on Loboche Peak with them and all the Everest team - our first time climbing together.

As our 2019 Everest Assault trekkers know, The trek to base camp finished with a couple of big days. We left Dingboche about 8.30am, lunched at Thukla and arrived in Loboche later that day. Easter Sunday (yesterday) came and went with a huge day trekking from Loboche to Base Camp. (you can follow our progress on

if yo wish.

A few headaches from altitude, a lot of tiredness but a feeling of “we are finally here” was the general perception amongst the team.

Our story is being circulated around the world through Cross Country Magazine, a free flying publication for paragliding/hang gliding pilots. We are also very pleased the the NSW Hang Gliding Paragliding Association has come on board with a considerable donation for Polio, and their promoting our endeavour.

Thanks also to Mont Adventure Equipment for their generosity in supplying some very necessary equipment- your support is very much appreciated.

To everyone at home and all those supporters, there are a lot, thank you. Please keep spreading the good Polio news - keep the support coming please, it is so special to be notified by Graheme from Berry Rotary of even the smallest donation to our account. Your donation will be tripled by the Gates Foundation so a better investment for something great would be very hard to find. Just consider what you are teaming up to achieve - No Polio - completely gone forever. Please spread the news.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter


Everest Base Camp

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